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About US:

Our business and applicator’s license are up-to-date with the business license remaining current and uninterrupted since it was first issued. Carib Pest Control was among the first, very few operators to qualify for licensing Pest Control in Jamaica. The managing Director, Louis Tulloch’s, career in pest control and insecticides started at Grace Agricultural and Industrial, 14 Retirement Road, Kgn.5.(now Agro Grace) in the mid 70’s. The present two main directors were originally trained through pest management courses conducted by the Scientific Research Council and by the University of the West Indies in 1988. Mr. Tulloch has nearly 40 years knowledge and experience in the field of pest control and has been in the termite control business for over 30 years. Carib Pest Control is fully insured for public liability insurance which includes the very technical, specialist, gas fumigation exercises.

Carib Pest Control will also be offering you treatment options that you can choose from, ranging from the very basic treatment which is the standard, single formula done by applicators in the industry to combinations of Carib Pest Control blends and bait formulas that we have found in most instances to be more effective than a one-time application visit using a single formula.

All formulations used in our 5 blends are approved by the Ministry of Health here in Jamaica and are applied in accordance with the label directions. MSDA’s [Material Safety Data Sheets] are available on request or on our website.

We will be guiding you on what to do:

  1. Before (<-Click to go to this guide)
  2. During (<-Click to go to this guide)
  3. After [re-entry] treatments (<-Click to go to this guide)


And, times and practices you will be required to observe so that the operation can be administered safely. Any or all of the treatments procedures inside and outside described may apply to your problem depending on the type of treatment and where it is being focused or where trouble-shooting treatment is being emphasized.

Only a 100% foundation soil pre-treatment s before building or a 100% enclosed gas fumigation of the structure above ground already built, saturates or penetrates everywhere, all other treatments are partial treatments only. So, the warranty on partial operations will be at times conditional to booster visits after treatments.

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We offer a first-class pre-job electronic inspection and post job electronic inspection
And, during the period of any warranty issued we revisit on schedule to evaluate the progress/success of the work done and to ensure the issued warranty is being complied with. At the time of these visits we may conduct electronic inspections and point out any areas we find that has remained prone to infestation or have developed a condition conducive for re-generating infestation or encouraging new infestations.

We are fully equipped electronically to conduct and record very detailed chrome inspections reports This is an ideal certificate inspection for Banks, Lenders, Buyers, remote or overseas owners.



Our parent company, 21st Century Baits and Formulations Ltd. is committed to research and development of pesticide formulations and baits which are affordable, effective, safe to the environment, the consumer and applicator. We are also committed to manufacturing and distributing a scientifically quality controlled product and producing safe, efficient and satisfactory service to consumers through our trained PCA Certified Franchise Holders. Please visit our Pest Extermination, Prevention & Protection Services page for more info on what Jamaica’s Caribpest can do for you!



21st Baits management includes three PCA Certified managers who are advised by a board of directors and associates which consists of qualified scientists, businessmen, lawyers, accountants and other field related professionals.


Carib Pest Control OBJECTIVES:

  • To apply the best, the safest and most effective pesticide formulations in your home.
  • To manufacture and distribute pesticide formulations which meet scientifically tested quality and standards.
  • To develop a team of talented, dedicated and well-trained franchise holders and applicators trained in integrated urban pest management.
  • Provide value for money satisfaction to our customers and treat them as important members of our extended family.
  • To support public organisations though charities.
  • Educate the Public through our Tell All Experience with inhouse generated newsletters, Insect, Termite, & Rodent Pest Protection Guides.
  • To minimise the use of pesticides inside structures by using alternative(s) treatment management procedures for elimination and sanitation/pest control that relies less on pesticide overloading  of structures and more on mechanical exercises and baits.