Pest Extermination, Protection, & Prevention Services

30+ Years Termite Specialists and General Pest Extermination

Carib Pest Control Services offers the most comprehensive inspections and testing services in preparation for treatment in Jamaica. Using high quality sensors and equipment we detect exactly is happening and design a treatment map and recommended pesticides (or not) of treatment strategy that is necessary your structure’s unique termite and pest control problem. When you want to know ALL DETAILS of how to fix termite problems in your house or building structure, we’re the proud, VETERAN Jamaican pros to tell you exactly what is needed, no shortcuts. We will get you the best value for your money. All our treatment blends are pre-mixed in house and at the correct consistencies and we are confident that we will give you the best recommendations and results with warranty included. We are proud of our well done jobs and embarrassed by unprofessionalism.

We offer scheduled post-treatment upkeep services as well to maintain the professionalism you expect and to preserve the integrity of your property.

Call us today for the best termite control results in Jamaica.

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Below is a breakdown of our service options:


  • Visual observations/Measure
  • Detailed Electronic Audit/Measure
  • Survey Report Letters & Owners Reports
  • Buyers & Lenders Structural Wood Integrity Checks
  • Issue Real Estate Clearance Certificates


  • Tent and Inner Seal Fumigation
  • Furniture and Artefact Fumigation
  • Baits for Termites, Rodent and Roaches
  • Pre and Post Construction Treatments
  • In Place and New Lumber Protection
  • Organic Pest control
  • Natural Pest Management
  • Non-Spraying Pest Control
  • Pesticide Pest Control
  • Mosquito Fogging/Larvae Control/Sanitation

Post-Treatment Care

  • Compliance Inspections
  • Annual/Bi-Annual Contract upkeep
  • Scheduled Maintenance Re-spray (Trees)
  • Monitor Bait Stations (Termites)


1. Contact the 21st Century Baits office or your Parish Franchise Holder, make sure their permits status to serve you is dated current and legal.

2. You will be visited and an EXPERT assessment done of your pest problem.

3. After discussions with you and a decision by you on the package you need, you’ll be informed of the cost, given the contact and your permanent reference number, you must then make a payment of the full amount to “21st Century Baits and Formulations Limited” ONLY.

4. As soon as the payment is received, cleared and verified (Checks and Credit Cards) by 21st Century Baits and Formulations Co. Ltd. A team of well–trained servicemen will visit your premises to implement the agreed service management strategy and place baits in appropriate areas.

5. Your premises should thereafter remain pest free for at least one year.


If you have any queries call the franchise holder and you will be revisited and corrective measures will be conducted at no additional costs to you.