Termite Carpenter

carpenter wood replace then rapair termite caribpest pest control

We offer FREE REPAIRS on Warranties 

If, after our treatment, wood replaced by our termite carpenters is devoured by termites, we will replace them free of COST!! ONLY CaribPEST has Termite-Carpenters trained in Termite rot identification, by Louis Tulloch, Our Veteran Managing Director.



NOW!!! THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO GO. From Pros Who Know!

All Inclusive Termite Control Joint Anti Termite Packages From CP REPAIR CARPENTERS & CARIBPEST CONTROL CREW.


CaribPest. The Application Work

  • • A good definition of our residual wood surface barrier task is that it forms and safeguards the residual repellency of the entire termite wood protection effort.
  • • By having the ability to adhere to the intended surface.
  • • Produce as uniformly protected a surface as ••accessibly possible.
  • • Seal pours, allowing an even coat and application to cracks and pores.
  • • Enhance the fighting ability of the wood. Especially important with rainfly termites or other WDO’s. With these “residual barriers” it is necessary to achieve over 80% coverage.
  • • Will adhere successfully to painted and unpainted wood, plaster, drywall and masonry. These surfaces can have a PH of 12 or more. A high PH can adversely affect the adhesion and longevity of many types of insecticides.

Why Caribpest Joint operations with Real Termite Carpenters secures your warranty

  • • Our 2 PCO Owner/Managers both have over 35 years actual experience and so does the 2 Partnership Carpenters, both with 30 highly praised skilled, construction years work and supervising experience.
  • • It Benefits your structure. We offer far better rates for different and more important reasons.
  • • Family Hardware businesses are alerted when and where “good treated wood” shipments arrive and we go there and select the finest for our customers
  • • Carpenters have more knowledge of termite travelling habits, and the dangerous challenges any surviving termite pests pose to untreated wood left in structures.
  • • Our carpenters knows how to reverse wood direction when installing and joining wood and in doing so discourage entry of termites into flowing grains
  • • Our carpenters also knows how and why to treat the raw core (center) ends of newly cut wood.
  • • They are carefully trained knows how and why to pre-treat nails, studs and screws.
  • • They know how, where and why to mix borate with paste, filler, putty etc., for nail slits, cracks etc.,
  • • They know how and why to spot treat or point treat wood with knots and splits.
  • • They know how when replacement wood is not dry enough, (moist or ‘wet’ ) and vulnerable.
  • • They know how what incoming wood may be egg or insect infested.
  • • They know how to identify wood already in place in your structure, that needs changing
  • • The proper order to safely pull egg infested wood from structures & how to handle and dispose of them.
  • • They know how to test wood without alarming and scattering existing or embedded infestations.