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Welcome to Caribpest! We have equipped operators in Mobay, Mandeville, Port Antonio, & St Ann's Bay
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Termite Inspection

After approving our estimate and Caribpest is contracted as your service provider, we move into the termite extermination process.

Caribpest offers Supervised Crews backed by our responsible and knowledgeable pest control firm.


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Start of Process

• Read about the start of the process

Residual Step #2

• Read about Residual Step #2

Residual Step #1

• Read about Residual Step #1

Residual Step #3 - Internal Perimeters

• Read about Residual Step #3

Exterior Bands & Pegs

• Read about Exterior Bands & Pegs

Final Touches

• Read about the Final Touches

The Voracious ChiChi Drywood Termites - A battle spraying rarely wins

• Read about Drywood Termites

Platinum Gas Fumigation

• Read about Platinum Gas Fumigation

Termite eggs are not killed during most treatment operations

• Read about young termites

The Drywood Termite nest has only interim feeders

• Read about Interim Feeders & Termite Behavior

Caribpest Knowledgeably Kills and Controls Termites

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Termite Inspection

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