Termite Inspections

Termite Inspections

Thank you for considering Caribpest Home examination division to conduct your home examination. We know that you have many options in selecting a termite inspector and we are thankful you considered us. Our Unique Assurance liability is that if we miss termites in our report, they will be treated FREE OF COST.

We hope that you will be pleased with the quality of our very detailed service report and that you’ll recommend us to others.

When submitted, please read the report carefully and call us with any questions that you might have. We remain your consultant indefinitely and would be happy to assist you in any way that we can.

Caribpest advertises primarily by word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied customers. We appreciate any referrals of friends, business associates & coworkers you might provide. Please ask your referrals to let us know you recommended us, because we like to thank our loyal customers that do provide referrals for us.

If you have any suggestions on how we could improve our home examination service, we are interested in hearing your comments and suggestions. We’re always looking for ways to improve our examinations and our customer service.

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Invested in a Home?

Chrome examinations are designed to assist YOU with accurate, detailed information and gain your confidence and trust every time!

Chrome – Cardinal Home Inspection Assessment
• Inspections are key. It’s fundamentally the most central part of any termite correction problem. It ranks foremost in planning the actual core of a proper strategy and then smart implementation of any extermination treatment exercise.
• Treatment actually ranks secondary, inspections are in fact the prime step for other reasons. It can determine the amount of formula, its strength, method of application, exactly where it is applied or whether any liquid pesticide treatment is required at all, perhaps baiting is sufficient.

All rot tests are not the same. Just from removing one nail and inserting our probe through the hole, all of the hidden damage can be discovered.

MODERN EXAMINATIONS – we have all the technology you need to win!

Termite Damage Facts

Termite Damage is not covered by INSURANCE

It occurs too slowly to be considered an act of God…and it occurred slowly enough to have been stopped. So it is incumbent on the owner or occupant to be alert. Get tests and keep truly informed about the termite status.

Conditions keep changing so Annual examinations are vital! Investors who bypass audit reports always regret it. Don’t ignore the termite invasion threat. Begin annual Chrome Examinations for your property. Treated wood disclaimers in leading hardware stores note that wood purchased usually does not have a termite free guarantee.

We detect termites and expose them for treatment

Super hearing and X-ray vision to benefit and inform YOU!

Infestations are not readily noticed or exposed to view. Most of the time it is impossible to see termite damage with the naked eyes, no specialist equipment or advice.

• Treatment always ranks secondary to the Chrome Pre-examination information. It makes plans for termite management easier to follow.
• Our Electronic termite examination audits are the key to the treatment that follows.
• It is more accurate and informative than visual examinations.
• It is fundamentally the most central part of adding sight and correcting any “blind” termite application.
• It ranks foremost in planning a proper strategy and enhances the smart implementation of the termite extermination treatment exercise by highlighting trouble spots.
• Apart from revealing trouble spots, it can also determine the amount of formula, its strength, method of application or whether baiting is better and if any liquid pesticide treatment is required.

Why do I need a Chrome Examination?

We conduct more than a “visual inspection.” Visual Inspections (VI) are usually only surface checks that delve into about 20% of the areas of what a Caribpest Chrome Examination reveals. Chrome Electric Examinations (EI) are deeper, more intensive audits, which are far superior.

Termites have been detected even in brand new and even recently treated home, exposing hidden repair threats and potential furniture loss to owner/occupants before they even develop.

Normally, most buyers are reluctant to test even an older home they like and want to buy. Some hurriedly move to secure their “dream home.”

Four substitutes for proceeding with a Super Electronic Audit instead of learning the true situation about the house:

They usually settle with the suggestions of the carpenter.
They settle for the findings of visual/flashlight inspection from a company.
They hear the house was recently treated and see a certificate.
They sometimes even visually examine it themselves.

Remarkably, people investing millions often prefer to take chances with any of the above rather than hear any news that would make them have to contemplate too speedy an action, especially if they’re told by sales agents or owners that they have other interested buyers lined up and waiting.

A Caribpest termite examination is an objective and professional way to be provided with the information you need about termites, which are incidentally the first and most common insect hazard for structural damage and investment loss.

More reasons for getting a Chrome Examination:

In case you already own/occupy a home, a Caribpest Annual Examination Report will identify all termite problems associated with your home and also suggest the preventive measures that will help you avoid any possible furniture invasion and costly structural repairs in the future.
If you’re a home seller, a Caribpest Pre-sale examination is quite important because it reveals any treatment or repairs that are needed to put your home in a structurally sound selling condition to viewers.
If you are buying a home, we will detect hidden/concealed infestation problems and make you aware of them.

If the report turns out favourable, did I really need an examination?

A clearance report means your structure is solid. With a favourable TERMITE CLEARANCE report in hand, you can finalize your purchase and relax.

You’ll also have our ANNUAL FREE POINT-SERVICE WARRANTY in place, while knowing that you have in place the peace of mind that not only your roof, floors and fixed wooden infrastructure is okay, but also your furniture, shelves, and all termite-edible items (tested by us) carried in have been placed in a safe environment.


A termite examination is typically an expense borne by either the purchaser, Lender, owner or renter, and it’s worth the investment. Most home purchase agreements are contingent on the results of examinations like termite examinations that are designed to reveal hidden structural problems and investment risks: Our reports include photo proofs of our findings with scale and ratio of exposure risks found to our client.

How much will a Home Examination cost?

We base our pricing on square footage of your home.

To get a rough estimate of what it will cost for a home examination of your property, view the example in the image to the left, or visit our office or call one of our inspectors to learn more.

Buying a Home? See us first!

What will the Examination reveal? And how will the report benefit me?


• Type of structure and exactly what constitutes its roof, walls and floor.
• Type of Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) identified.
• Degree by percent of Activity in roof, walls and floor.
• Points of weaknesses in roof, walls and floor.
• Extent of Visible Damage in roof, walls and floor.
• Scale of contributing risk factors observed.
• Recommendations for foolproof compliance corrections.


• Informs client of degree of problem to within +/- variable degrees and percentages.
• Able to present the formal audit to lenders or buyers.
• Able to keep the audit for future reference.
• Able to track the decline of infestations to +/- 0%.
• Assists carpenter/contractor with intelligent, highlighted points to focus on during refurbishing or restorations.

What if the examination reveals elements that would encourage infestation, rot or termites?

We will advise you on corrective steps to take and systematically get rid of them based on our findings. Price matching is available for treatments.

Our expert termite inspector can electronically detect more than just the warning signs of termites. Using technology, we are able to assess the risk of rot associated with the infestation. We are also trained to recognize the presence of other wood-destroying organisms like wood-boring beetles and carpenter ants.
Found Evidence of Elements Encouraging Termite Infestation

There are a number of options you can take if termites are revealed. Foremost, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t purchase the home or building, just be sure that the negotiations include anticipated treatments, replacement materials and labour repair costs. Then if the seller agrees to do these, be sure that the seller doesn’t just get a low bid treatment so they can get a “warranty” saying the place was treated.

Test and be sure that the treatment was adequate and the problem brought under the fullest control. This means if you chose to go ahead with the purchase you must do your own test about 3-6 months after occupation. If your budget is tight and the infestation discovered is scattered, widespread (not isolated) or the infestation is age-embedded and damage is significant, you may consider looking elsewhere to invest your money.

Termites can be really difficult to get rid of. On occasions, this is the reason for some owners wanting to sell their homes.

• Frank and Russell Tulloch of Caribpest checking if a property has ANY termite damage, activity or if early presence is detected. Pictures: Shortwood area at request of a member.

• Mr Tulloch says Tropical Island Homes and structures are more susceptible to termite problems because of its warm all year climate, and termite species found here.

Written, Certified reports, backed up by free point‐service from Caribpest.