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Welcome to Caribpest! We have equipped operators in Mobay, Mandeville, Port Antonio, & St Ann's Bay
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About Jamaica's Leading Home Pest Super Hero's


21st Century baits and formulations Ltd. is committed to research and development of pesticide formulations which are affordable, effective, safe to the environment, the consumer and applicator. We are also committed to manufacturing and distributing a scientifically quality controlled product and producing safe, efficient and satisfactory service to consumers through our trained PCA Certified Franchise Holders. Please visit our Pest Extermination, Prevention & Protection Services page for more info on what Jamaicas Caribpest can do for you!


21st Baits management includes three PCA Certified managers who are advised by a board of directors and associates which consists of qualified scientists, businessmen, lawyers, accountants and other field related professionals.


  1. To develop for use, the best, the safest, most affordable and effective pesticide formulations in your home.
  2. To manufacture and distribute pesticide formulations which meet scientifically tested quality and standards.
  3. To develop a team of integrated, talented, dedicated and well-trained franchise holders and applicators.
  4. Provide extreme satisfaction to our customers and treat them as important members of our extended family.
  5. To support a few public organizations though charities.
  6. Educate the Public through our Tell All Insect, Termite, & Rodent Pest Protection Guides.

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